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Dear Struggling Marketer,

Are you still struggling to make that first sale or first dollar online?

Have you tried all the money making methods you have previously found online only to find you get ZERO RESULTS?

Every wondered how these so called ‘Internet Gurus’ are generating so much money online?

Are you still searching for the holy grail of a system that generates you cash on auto pilot?

Well, It's time to stop messing around with systems and strategies that simply do not pull in the kind of cash you require to live the internet marketing lifestyle you dream of.

Let’s stop this B.S right now. I have personally had enough of fellow marketers ripping off the general public.

You deserve the right to plug in a system into your computer that actually works and generates the cash you deserve.

We are talking about methods and systems that can potentially create an income for you to be able to quit your job this month.

This top secret method in question utilises a free traffic source that if used in the correct way will pump out cash on auto pilot.

I bet you have exhausted every method or system that’s out there and misguided too many times to count.

It’s time to start making some real money through online commissions starting today.

Utilising this FREE TRAFFIC method enables me to cash in BIG time with online commissions - Check out one of my affiliate accounts!

This is free traffic on auto pilot and the system only takes a few minutes per day to set up.

You are free to do whatever you want for the rest of the day!


Therefore let me tell you right now that this has nothing to do with the following:

Infact this is the EXACT method that I use to bring in over $4,000 per week on complete auto pilot.

This method is so simple anyone with minimal 'money making' experience can plug into this system and start making money overnight.

It really is that simple.

It's a simple system Fred stumbled across while in a local coffee shop in South East Asia.

Therefore, please allow me to introduce to you:

Duplicate The CPA Coffee Shop Method That Generates Over $1,000 Every 24 Hours In CPA Commissions Exploiting A Secret FREE Traffic Source.

It really is THAT SIMPLE - Duplicate the method Fred stumbled across, and you too could be well on your way to generating thousands of dollars per day in CPA and affiliate commissions.

This method is one of the most straight forward methods I have found online. The method is so simple that once you’re inside the members area of The Coffee Shop Method you’ll be minutes away from earning your first commissions.

The Coffee Shop method was found by Fred after months of searching for new ways to make money with free traffic and paid traffic. After months of searching and testing, Fred settled on this method he calls ‘The Coffee Shop Method’.

Fred calls it ‘The Coffee Shop Method’ as it literally takes around 30 minutes per day to set up and can literally do this from coffee shops all around the world every single day. That doesn’t mean you have to fulfill these tasks or run this method from a coffee shop - You could actually run this traffic source and method direct from your office or home.

Your probably at the stage where you’re thinking how much cash do I need to invest to make this work?

So, Here's How This Works...

In short, The Coffee Shop Method is pretty straight forward. Once you have completed the course you’ll be in a position to generate commissions and build your email list using various free traffic methods that Fred uses on a daily basis to generate huge sums of cash on auto pilot.

Remember these traffic sources are free to use, and are methods that not many people are using right now, which is great for us as there is a lot of money left on the table for us to grab! Remember you can run this method from a computer anywhere in the world just like Fred who run this method from coffee shops all over the world.

To ensure this method goes smoothly and to position yourself to make high commissions and to build a great list, all you have to do is:

The best part about this traffic source is that it only takes a few minutes per day and you can actually set it up as many times as you wish to ramp up the commissions!

So, what this means for you, is that you don't need:

Fred has put together a comprehensive guide and video series to guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

Once you have completed the video series you should be in a great position to have everything set up to potential cash in with this secret free traffic source.

By the time you have set this system up once, you'll be so excited you will want to set up various different systems inside the various traffic sources! You will see exactly what I mean and how easy this is, inside the the video course.

Remember once you feel confident with the methods taught, you can easily implement this method from anywhere in the world, allowing you to travel with your family or spend valuable time with your friends.

The methods taught inside the course, which involve sending traffic to your affiliate links across the web is extremely scalable.

You can make vast amounts of money using these methods if you follow the course correctly and can even implement more advanced methods which are taught inside the course.

Some of the biggest internet marketers in the game are using this exact method to add thousands to their monthly income, without telling the little folk like me and you.

The great thing about the methods I teach and the free traffic sources, are that the more you implement the teachings, the more money you could potentially make. Remember you must take action to earn money though. This is not a push button software.

It's now time for you to cash in on this method, while it's HOT and still slightly under the radar.

This price is rising with every purchase
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Bonus #1 - Live Jump Start Webinar And Q&A Session (Real World Value - $397)

So, upon purchasing the Coffee Shop Method course, you'll have a chance to join a private members only webinar where all members will get the chance to fire over any questions to me relating to the methods taught in the course.

On the webinar I will be going through the exact method once again and showing you exactly how this method can make you serious cash if followed correctly.

I'll also have a special guest who is an Internet Marketing expert who is sure to provide even more value and content.

I personally charge alot for private consultations, so please be assured you are going to get a lot of actionable content for free!


Bonus #2 - PDF Version Of The Coffee Shop Method (Real World Value - $47)

As you should be aware, the main product is a full length video course. I prefer to offer our customers video content as I believe it's easier to follow.

However I have had customers in the past begging us for a PDF version so they can read and review the material on the go, so I have decided to include this as a bonus on top of the full length video course.

The file will be downloadable and you can will be able to read it on various devices.


Bonus #3 - Access To Our Private Facebook Group (Real World Value - $597)

Yep, thats right. You will gain instant access to our private members only Facebook group.

Inside the group the members share tips, tricks relating to the current product on offer and future releases from us! Remember success drives success thus hearing positive stories can only drive us further to succeed!

Guys, Is The Coffee Shop Method Really That Easy?

Yes, it really is, and if you follow the system correctly you could have this set up and running from any location in the world just like Fred who runs this method from their laptops in coffee shops.

Once you have the knowledge and the appropriate training to execute the system, you could literally be anywhere.

I truly believe the methods taught inside the full length video course will work for you, but if for any reason you think differently I offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase...That's right.

Give the course a shot, take action and make money...

If you are still unhappy after taking action just let me know...

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This price is rising with every purchase
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From the heart of Fred - I appreciate the time you have spent to read this letter!

I look forward to seeing you inside the members area, Fred

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